I was pregnant with Claire here, just barely, somewhere near Quebec. I think of this photo as me blissfully unaware — unaware that by winter I’d be living in a province I never wanted to live in. Ever. And blissfully unaware of how hard it would be sometimes to be a parent. But it’s also me unaware of bliss — the bliss of knowing this incredible little being.




You don’t really think of water when you think of the prairies, but they are, of course, dotted with ponds and sloughs. I’ve been endlessly enthralled by the blue of water amidst the gold of the fields this fall as we’ve driven back and forth to Saskatchewan. A couple of weekends ago we drove to the mountains, and on the way home, between Calgary and Edmonton, there was this dreamy blue light over the prairies. I used the zoom on our little point and shoot and shot out of the window while Claire slept. I kind of love this blurred, ethereal quality.

I grew up on the prairies and really missed them when I first moved to Ottawa 6 years ago. But then I fell in love with Ottawa, Montreal and (parts of) Toronto. When moved back West to be closer to my family when Claire was born, I was shocked to find how much I missed the urban spaces of those three cities, and was (and still am) terribly sad to think of Claire not knowing them. I will always miss zipping up to Montreal to stay in an auberge in the Old Port for the weekend, or wandering through the National Gallery on a Saturday, but the prairie and mountains are finding their way back into my heart.



It turns out that the WordPress Photography 101 course corresponds with NaBloPoMo and I thought I’d do both to see if they might complement each other.

Today, after two post-midnight writing sessions, I was thinking maybe this whole post a day thing was a very bad idea. And then I saw the Photography 101 challenge: to capture a shot of street scene. We had just come home from our neighborhood grocery store where I took this shot. Not only is it a playful interpretation of the street, with Claire “driving” the cart, it seemed like a nice follow-up to yesterday’s post about less waste and buying bulk.

In “Lost in Translation,” possibly my favorite movie ever, Bill Murray’s character tells Scarlett Johansson’s character, “your children will be the most delightful people you ever meet.” Watching Claire discover that cart (and a little bit more of the world) tonight was utter delight.