Breastfeeding, Loud and Proud

I love the move towards more open and free breastfeeding! Here is one friend’s great account of her journey:


Before becoming a mother, I thought I would be a bold breastfeeder, nursing my babe on street corners and thumbing my finger at anybody who dared object. Yet when my first child was born a few years back, I found that I was nowhere near as confident breastfeeding in public as I had foreseen. Although I did feed my baby in public, I always aimed to be as discreet as possible, finding the quietest, darkest corner available, and staying modest with a nursing cover.

All the while, I was ashamed to feel this way, as it was so at odds with my beliefs as a woman (feminist) and a parent (attachment, for the most part). Why this contradiction? My desire for privacy arose from a wish to protect my child. I didn’t want him at the centre of any kind of controversy, even if I thought it was ridiculous that such a…

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